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COURSE INFORMATION (NB! Due to the widespread spread of coronavirus, courses are individual only)

Anyone can participate, regardless of age or gender. No previous work experience is required.


To teach the simplest furniture restoration techniques through practical work and theoretical knowledge  . This course does not prepare professional restorers. 


We will show you the techniques and you will try to  next. The practical work is accompanied by  theoretical comments. Teaching is individual and based on the subject you have chosen. General principles of restoration   Let's talk together. It is recommended to photograph the object. You ask, we answer, you get stuck, we help . 

before and after restoration, as well as during work.


You will gain knowledge that will allow you to continue working independently. Simpler items are likely to be restored in  2-3 school days. If you are still interested, you can hire a new item, but you can also limit yourself to a unique experience. In the course of studying and working, knowledge and experience of traditional old furniture finishing methods will come, you will be able to identify the most common types of wood, you will work with  simple wood tools. Eventually, return the item restored with your own hands. 



2 times a month  from autumn to spring (otherwise by separate agreement). With a large number of participants, we increase the number of times. Work begins at 12:00 noon and lasts  17.00


The workshop is located at  , Mõisa tee 2, Viimsi. You can find a more detailed location on the map on our website. Free parking is available in front of the house. 



 The price of one day of the course  50.-EUR.

Payment can be made in cash on the spot or in advance on the basis of an invoice provided by us. To write an invoice to you  Please email us the name and address of the recipient of the invoice and who you want to send the invoice to.

The price includes all necessary work materials and tools,  written study materials and coffee breaks. 


Please bring work clothes. We recommend that you email us a photo of the item you selected for  restore in advance. We will discuss together whether the work ahead will be done in these courses and how long it will take. Suitable items are, for example, a "lutheri chair with 3 sticks" or another simpler form  tool, a small cupboard, a table, a coffin, a box, etc.

Within the framework of these courses, it is not taught to tie springs, ie to make soft upholstery, but to change the fabric of simpler chairs. It can also be veneered or covered with plywood. The condition of the plywood is not important.

Participation in the courses may be intermittent, you will come when you can. You can join the courses at any time. 


Tiina Raal - work experience 37 years. Masters traditional finishing methods, knows the relevant materials and tools. 

Mati Raal - work experience 41 years. Master of Restoration Sciences, Lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts,   Restoration Trainer  



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